Friday, June 21, 2013

Just a SWEET kinda day

So today is the day I officially start on drakes cake.. Kinda, I have just started preparing for it. First I started with the frosting, I've always loved trying to make new homemade things. 
The best part?? This was all I used! So it was super simple:) But there's a problem I have making the frosting, I don't like the taste of frosting. So when I finished with it, I wasn't sure if it tasted good or not, so I had my husband test it for me to see if it passes the test. He loved it! So I'm very happy that it turned out good, and it was so much cheaper than buying pre-made frosting! 
Although I do feel like its still thin, I'm very happy I went this route, I saved so much, especially with how much I require! I still have to add my green food coloring but that'll come later on when I'm done layering my cake:) 
Now that I'm set on the frosting, it was time to start on the decoration letters! That was a lot harder than I expected. It kinda looks like a 2 year old made it but at least you can read it! 
What I did: 
. Melted white chocolate chips with coconut oil in the microwave 30 sec. At a time until its melted enough to mold.
. Add food coloring of your choice (I chose orange because of my theme, Dr. Seuss)
My chocolate came out thicker than I had planned once I added food coloring but I would just work the chocolate with my fingers to soften it up so I was able to start molding it.
Then it all came down to using my stencil I had drawn up.
I made the mistake of not making sure each individual letter was a good distance from each other so my chocolate would be easier to work with. I had a hard time with it. But what you do is get a saying or whatever it is you want to make an place a sheet of wax paper over it so and use it as a stencil. Make sure you tape it the wax paper or you'll have a harder time. Then just let it dry and harden. I'm very pleased with my days work and I can't wait for tomorrow to start on my cakes! But first it'll be off to Vernal (a town 30min from the little town I live in) in the early morning for some simple grocery shopping with my hubby and son! So for now you all have a great night! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A bitter sweet moment..

The day is almost over and it's got me thinking way back a year ago on this day when my husband and I welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world. He was so little so beautiful, I was in such disbelief that We created the sweetest most perfect little boy, he is such a blessing. I never knew I could love some one as much as I love him. He's changed my life forever. I've grown up so much for him, he's taught me what truly matters. With every passing day since his birth I've loved him more and more. I'm so proud to be his mama, he's such a smart, outgoing, little guy. It's sad to me how he has gotten so big, but I'm very happy too! So bitter sweet this day is. Now that its almost over and his Party is just a couple days away its got me thinking about what's next?? His 2nd birthday?! That'll come and go faster than I prefer, I just have enjoy each and ever day with him as he grows up. He'll always be my baby boy. No matter what decisions he makes I'll always be there for him. I love my little Drake Michael, he's my pride, my joy, my everything.

What I do during nap time :)

So today is my sons First birthday! I've been spending my day with him, spoiling him, and loving him. But now it's nap time, so what better to do while baby boy is napping than crafts! Since I'm all done with the projects I've been working on for Drakes birthday party, I'm holding for him this upcoming sunday (which I'll be posting pictures later on). I decided to continue on these beautiful roses I've been making for my sisters anniversary party. 
Super simple to make them And they're so elegant looking. Here's the link to my sister Zandra's blog were you will find the tutorial on how to make these:) 
She's so amazing with her crafts, you can find more neat things she's done. I love these roses, I'm definitely going to keep these in mind come next Mother's Day or valentines day, or just for a random spontaneous gift:) word in advise when making these though, make sure your little ones are either napping or playing in their room or they'll just want to  grab everything! Ha my son kept trying but never successes thank goodness. Now on out I play it safe. I don't need a hurt baby, especially on his birthday! Well back to more roses! You have a great day now:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A little about me

Hello my name is Daisy Williamsen, I'm very happily married to the most incredible man Bradley, and we have the most beautiful wild little baby boy Drake. I'm a very happy stay at home mama, but some of my days at home seem endless with constant boredom so what I really enjoy doing with that time is craft, any crafts, sewing, crocheting, hot glueing, making stuff up as I go:) I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing half the time but in the end all my projects turn out as I planned (kind of). I'm no professional, far from, but I always love how my projects look when finished:) I'm always sharing my work with my sister Zandra, she's who pretty much got me started of crafting things, and she's been blogging her work for a little bit now so It got me thinking, I love sharing my ideas to anyone one who wants them. So here I am, giving it a shot, lets hope all goes well! But for now you have a good night!